9W 976nm Stable Wavelength Narrow Linewidth Fiber-Coupled Laser

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9W Stable Wavelength Narrow Linewidth Fiber-Coupled Laser Housing

Featuring high reliability, cost-effectiveness, wavelength stability (976±1nm), narrow linewidth, built-in grating, low wavelength temperature drift coefficient (<0.02nm/℃), utilizing a 2-pin parallel package, compact size, and easy installation. The optical fiber has a core diameter of 105μm, with numerical apertures of 0.22. This product is specially designed for applications requiring high-frequency pulse pumping of ytterbium-doped fiber lasers. It incorporates a high reflector at 1060-1100nm, achieving an isolation of over 30dB, making it an ideal choice as a pump source for fiber lasers.

Output Power(CW)Po9W
Centre Wavelengthλc975976977nm
Spectral WidthΔλ0.82.0nm
Threshold CurrentIth0.71.0A
Operating CurrentIop11.512.0A
Operating VoltageVop1.752.0V
Convention Efficiencyη45%
Slop EfficiencySE0.85W/A
Operating Case TemperatureTc152555°C
Storage TemperatureTs-3070°C
Wavelength shift vs. Temperature∆λ / ∆T0.02nm/°C
Core DiameterDc102105108nm
Numeric ApertureNA0.22
Cladding DiameterDcl125nm
Buffer DiameterDb250nm
Fiber LengthLf0.9m
Lead soldering temperature, 10 s maxTls260°C
Fiber bend radius37.5mm
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