808nm 170W Fiber-coupled Diode Pump Laser

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LasePro’s FC19 series offers a powerful 808nm diode laser module with an impressive 170W high-power output. This laser module leverages advanced multi-laser chip spot shaping and beam combining technology, resulting in the transmission of 170W high-power laser through a 200um core diameter optical fiber.


Our product employs cutting-edge fiber coupling technology to enable the efficient transmission of high-power 170W laser beams through optical fibers with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.22 and a 200um core. Over 95% of the laser power transmitted through the optical fiber remains within the NA 0.18 range. This feature concentrates laser power and enhances spot brightness significantly. For your reference, Figure below illustrates a typical LIV curve for this product.


Furthermore, the LasePro FC19 series is highly versatile and customizable, offering output across various wavelength bands to align with specific customer application requirements. With a spectral half-height width of less than 4.5nm, this module ensures exceptional system stability when adapting laser applications to different wavelengths.

For enhanced safety and stability, our module includes a 1064nm laser isolation mechanism. This feature is particularly advantageous for pump source applications, such as in fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers, preventing potential damage to the laser module caused by reverse-transmitted light within the system.

The FC19 series combines high power, high energy, and remarkable stability, making it ideally suited for applications in fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, and direct semiconductor laser pump sources. It finds broad utility across diverse domains, including materials processing, laser medical care, lidar technology, sensing applications, scientific research, and more.

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