10W 915/940/975nm Single Emitter Multimode Diode Laser

10W 915nm fiber coupled module: compact, efficient. Precision meets quality.

Additional information

Output Power(CW)


Centre Wavelength

915nm, 940nm, 975nm

Fiber Core Diameter


Numeric Aperture

0.15NA, 0.22NA

Fiber Length


Fiber Connector

bare end, SMA905


2 Pins

Product Details:

LasePro offers the 10W 915/940/975nm fiber coupled laser diode module, utilizing advanced coupling technology, encapsulating benefits like a stable output, remarkable power, and optimal efficiency in a user-friendly package. Tailored for fiber laser applications, it’s the first choice for industry leaders. Rigorous testing ensures its consistency and extended lifespan. At LasePro, merging top-tier quality with cost-effectiveness for our clientele is our prime directive.

Specification of 10W 915/940/975nm Single Emitter Multimode Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

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