30W 975nm Multimode Diode Laser with red aiming beam

Additional information

Output Power(CW)


Centre Wavelength

915nm, 975nm

Fiber Core Diameter


Numeric Aperture


Fiber Length

≥0.9m, customized

Fiber Connector

bare end, SMA905


3 Pins

Product Details:

LasePro’s 30W 915/975nm 105um/0.22NA Multimode Laser Diode Module with Red Aiming Beam is a testament to cutting-edge coupling technology. This state-of-the-art module boasts features like compact design, consistent output power, and exceptional efficiency, making it perfectly suited for fiber laser applications. Crafted with precision, every unit undergoes rigorous performance and longevity tests on our production line to ensure unparalleled reliability and durability. At LasePro, our mission is clear: to offer our customers unparalleled quality and value, epitomized by this flagship product.

Specification of 30W 915nm 975nm Multimode Diode Laser with red aiming beam

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